Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) — Conville Road

Circumference: 6.79 metres (22' 3")
Diameter at breast height: 2.16 metres (7' 1")

GaLTT tree ID: #9
Nickname: "The Conville Giant"
Year nominated: 2015
Nominated by David Boehm

Location: East of Conville Road
Ownership: Private
Latitude: On file
Longitude: On file

1. Fire scars and top broken by lightning strikes.
2. The largest circumference coastal Douglas-fir in British Columbia (in Port Refrew) is 13.8m. The tallest (in Coquitlam) is 94.3m tall but its circumference is only 8.10m.

Access: Public access to this tree is currently restricted because it is on private property.

Conville Giant photo