Trembling Aspen (Populus tremuloides) — Joyce Lockwood Park

Circumference: 1.91 metres (6' 3")
Diameter at breast height: 0.61 metres (2' 0")

GaLTT tree ID: #25
Year nominated: 2015
Nominated by Rob Brockley

Location: Joyce Lockwood Community Park
Ownership: Regional District of Nanaimo
Latitude: 49.17127°
Longitude: 123.77683°

Notes: The largest circumference trembling aspen in BC (on Hernando Island) is 3.85m and it is 20.4 m tall. The tallest (in Shuswap) is 38.3m tall but only 2.76 m in circumference.

Access: To the north of the trail near the entrance into Joyce Lockwood Park

trembling aspen photo    trembling aspen photo2